Calling All Christians!

At least all of them who think that kids should be taught the foundations of the Gospel! If that is you I would like you to consider joining the K.D.M. Strike Force.

So, what is a strike force?

Well, it's a group of people who have a certain mission that they will accomplish at all costs! So, I'm looking for a group of peole who think that it's so important that kids are given a strong foundation in the Gospel, and, as a result are willing to do everything that's necessary to make sure that that does happen!

Tell me more about the "Strike Force?"

You can become one of 3 kinds of members. Each one is more than important, and I hope one of them will fit the need of everybody!

They are;

Strike Force Member-3- That means they have agreed to become a person who prays consistently for this ministry. They will be furnished with prayer requests for this ministry on a regular basis. And they will receive a membership card, in addition to my "never ending" thank you's!

Srike Force member-2- This is a person, who in addition to praying for us on a regular basis, also has the ability to send us up to $9.00 a month, because they know that the wealth of training that we gladly offer without charge does indeed costs us money! In addition to the membership card, they will recieve a monthly newsletter called the "Strike Force Family," and a report that is the culmination of the most effective ways to relate to kids, from a number of education professionals. If you want to see more information about it, then simply click on "Relating to Kids" below.

Strike Force Member-1- This is a person, who in addition to praying for us consistently, has agreed to send us a minimum of $10.00 a month. Again, this is to help us cover the cost of the extensive training that we make available to "whoever" at no cost, both on and off line. In addition to the monthly newsletter and the report, they will recieve a book by The Kid Doctor, (me) called "The Secret Law of Success," which tells all about how God has set up a specific law to bring success in any venture to His people!

So, how do I become a Strike Force Member?

My simply clicking on the picture below, and then following the directions that you are given.

Relating to kids!:
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