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Are you one of those people that would like to work with kids, but just don't know how? Or maybe one of those people tht always thought that they would like to work with kids, or maybe even know that God has a call on your life to work with young ones, but you just don't think that there is any way to get good training?

Well, there is!

Well,my ministry, Kid Doctor Ministries, is providing the needed training free of charge to interested persons. Do I have credentials to do so? I have some 15 years as a Children's Minister, as well as a Minister of Education, a Director of Academics, the Dean of a two year Bible College, and the designer of the cirriculum that the church that I work with is currently using, and a published author! However, in addition to my input, I have designed the C.M.T.I. course to include the input from a wide variety of child professionals. So, you actually get an education in working with kids, like you rarely get anywhere!

The bottom line is that, I can train you so that you understand how to either;

"Beef up" an existing program,


Start a completely new program

What C.M.T.I. is is a online training resource for those who want to become trained in working with kids, and have a computer, but just don't know how. No, you don't get a lesser program given to you online than you would in a traditional school setting. In fact, if you really apply yourself, through the "power of the Internet," which allows me to have the imput of a wide variety of child professionls, your education in the field is better than in most "regular" institutions! If what you're looking for is a way to get a just a degree, then we're not for you! But if what you want is first class training in the art of children's work, then what you will get is training that gives you a strong foundation on which to build an effective kid's ministry!

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