What K.D.M. is and isn't!

What K.D.M. isn't is a ministry that caters to, or epouses one particular denomination!

Instead, we consider the entire Body of Christ one unit! So rather than spend our energy defending one particular segment of the Body, we spend our energy doing what God Alimightly has called, equipped, and instructed us to do. And what we are is a ministry who reason for existence is specifically to help the large percentage of people who work with kids, most of which are volunteers. They do not have the "blessing" of the input of seminars, because they can't go to them. They have to stay at home so they can work. And they also aren't able to spend hours upon hours developing stragedies for children's ministry, because with their scedules of work and life, they just don't have the time! It is to these determined, but under trained and forgotten workers that we are called. We also act as a consultants to those who are experiencing "challenges" in their ministries with kids. The goal of Kid Doctor Ministries is again evedent here. As I give practical, "down to earth" solutions as to how a kid's worker can deal with specific "challenges."

We are in a deadly competition!

One for the hearts, minds, and eternal souls of our kids! If you would like to read a report on the competition, and even if you woudn't, take the time to click on the word "competition" with the line under it, and you'll be transported to a report that I have written about it!

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Children's Ministry Training Institute Online: A free, online, so completely flexible, training center for kid's worker volunteers!
Kid Doctor Prescriptions: Free consultation where you can get the guidance and suggestions of a child professional.
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